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1.BRATISLAVA, Sept. 11 (Xinhua) -- Four-time world triple jump champion Christian Taylor of the United States failed to live up to expectations as he was beaten by local hero Tomas Veszelka at the P-T-S Meeting in Samorin, Slovakia, on Friday.。
2.With the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, all the big international sports events including tennis came to a grinding halt early in the year.。
3."It's not been an easy decision of leaving my hometown club which brings bittersweet feeling," said Kyranbek. "But now, it turns to a new chapter of my career and I'll fight for Shanghai."。
4.The Champions League's group phase draw is taking place in Athens on October 1 with Bayern starting late into the national cup season two weeks later.。
5.Media reports speak of a 25-million-euro demand per season in a five-year contract for the 28-year-old center-back aside of Zahavi insisting on a 20-million-euro reward for himself.。
6.BEIJING, Sept. 12 (Xinhua) -- Venue construction for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games is right on track as all ice rinks set to stage the Olympic competitions will be ready to produce ice by the end of this year, officials said.。


1.Bahia are currently 13th in the 20-team Serie A standings with just two wins from seven matches.。
2.The nation's top comprehensive sports gala in 2021 will attract around 14,000 athletes in 501 events across 41 sports.。
3.Meanwhie, Xiralijan Muhtar, also a member of the Chinese national squad, announced his move to Nanjing Monkey Kings.。
4."We (the Chinese women's volleyball team) hope that the Olympic Games will be held successfully because we have been fighting for this for four years," said the 25-year-old.。
5.International runners came from Britain, Germany, Argentina, Latvia, Finland, the Netherlands as well as other countries and regions.。
6.Made of cloisonne, glass and chisel, the enamel Zun, which stands at 43cm tall, is inspired by the Olympic five-ring logo, and the five background colors are taken from the colors of the five rings respectively.。


1.Monday sees two more matches with Chelsea travelling to Brighton, while Sheffield United entertain Wolves. Enditem。
2.However, in a reversal of fortunes from the previous getaway, this time Hamilton got the better start and jumped Bottas to take the lead.。
3.The station is a part of Hangzhou's grand plans to step up the infrastructure of the city, along with the building of Terminal 4 of the Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport, more express ways and high ways, as put forward in April by an Action Plan that highlights building a healthy city, promoting internationalization, improving infrastructure, protecting lucid waters and lush mountains, and empowering digital governance.。
4."We are now starting a new cycle with our feet on the ground and our head toward the stars. Mano Menezes, welcome," Bahia president Guilherme Bellintani said on Twitter.。
5.Liu, who boasted a stellar playing career, was named WTT chief in June.。
6.BEIJING, Sept. 11 (Xinhua) -- World Table Tennis (WTT) announced on Friday that a promotional showcase WTT Macao will be staged between November 25-29, 2020, the first tournament that is held since the organization's foundation.。


1、HANGZHOU, China, Sept. 10 (Xinhua) -- Welcoming the two-year countdown to the opening of the 19th Asian Games on Thursday, host city Hangzhou exudes confidence of delivering an Asiad that has "Chinese grandeur, Zhejiang style and Hangzhou flavor."。
2、With the two Mercedes once again the class of the field and pulling away from the rest, much of the interest in the race took place further down the order, as Ferrari's Charles Leclerc was unable to hold onto his third place and was soon passed by several rivals - an embarrassing state of affairs for the storied Italian squad on their 1000th Grand Prix start.。
3、"It was really a tough game. I was challenged in today and yesterday's game (the one against He Bingjiao)," commented Chen. "Zhang moved fast and made few errors on the court. She controlled the game in the first and third sets. I had to make adjustments and finally changed the situation."。
4、As a result, the game ended with eight men from PSG on the field, while Marseille had nine.。
5、Even after the half time, Molders continued to keep Frankfurt's defence busy but still Nuremberg failed to turn their chances into a tangible reward.。


Some even voiced concerns about whether the "volleyball star" could fit into campus life and whether she would be troubled by admirers.!


  • 部虚 10-25

    Shenzhen took an early lead in the fourth minute, when John Mary hit the ball into the net after receiving a volley pass from Gao Lin. The Cameroonian striker added his second goal six minutes later thanks to a critical mistake made by Henan defender Han Xuan.

  • 头多 10-24

    Title favorite Ajax suffered a serious setback after half an hour of play at Sparta Rotterdam. Defender Nicolas Tagliafico got a red card after he tried to stop Mohamed Rayhi, but touched the ball with his hand while sliding.

  • 生气 10-23

    Elsewhere, Union Berlin and Karlsruhe were unable to break the deadlock within 90 minutes. Union snatched the ticket for the next round as Schlotterbeck was on target late in extratime. Enditem

  • 放出 10-22

    Marinho has now netted seven goals and provided three assists from 10 league matches this season.

  • 个发 10-21

    3. Important to start well for Eibar and Celta

  • 用他 10-20

    The 28-year-old Kyranbek has reached an agreement on a 3-year contract with Shanghai, the Chinese Basketball Association (CBA) Co. confirmed.

  • 备战 10-19

    Until his resignation, Dasoberi was the club licensing manager for the FA and also the administrator at the Football Association's technical center. He also worked as secretary to the GFA's disciplinary committee and appeals committee.

  • 展过 10-18

    The OVEP toolkit is a free educational resource, created by the IOC, to share knowledge, promote Olympic values and facilitate the sustainable development of Olympic education. It provides students with various educational activities and teachers with teaching resources as well as practical training. Its Chinese version includes The Fundamentals Manual - a sport-based program; Delivery Playbook - a practical guide to Olympic Values Education; Activity Sheets - exercises to support Olympic Values Education; and Workshop Plan - a learning program through physical activity.

  • 灵级 10-17

    Hunan now ranks third in the standings behind Qingdao and Ruichang Biyuan. First-placed Qingdao breezed past Xiamen 4-1 on Thursday, while Ruichang overcame Anhui Souyu 3-2.

  • 界的 10-16

    Tello's late effort did justice to the score as Betis had twice hit the woodwork earlier in the game through Guido Rodriguez and Sergio Canales.

  • 能摧 10-15

    BEIJING, Sept. 15 (Xinhua) -- World Table Tennis (WTT) held a video conference on Monday night to inform all ITTF member associations of latest updates ahead of the ITTF Annual General Meeting (AGM) scheduled on September 28.

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