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1.Dybala missed the team's 1-0 win over Ecuador on Thursday but was expected to be fit in time for the clash at Hernando Siles stadium in La Paz on Tuesday.。
2.Two more spans are expected to be installed this month, while the rest will be installed by December.。
3.Sacking Loew before the Euro tournament next summer seems not an option as the coach's efforts are jeopardized by the COVID-19 pandemic. Nevertheless, the outcome of the Nations League campaign and the 2021 tournament might deliver answers about Loew's future. Enditem。
4.Ji is going through her fourth season in a duel role from the 2017-18 season.。
5."He loves his father, he admires him. It's not a load on his shoulders. He does what he loves most and doesn't compare himself with Michael," she emphasized.。
6.Nitra is the new leader of the rankings; its third win out of three came after a solid performance in the first two periods on Detva's ice.。


1.The games between the two clubs are thought the most balanced derby in Slovak basketball premiership. The previous five match-ups of these teams were also ended with no more than a 5-point difference. Enditem。
2."My heart hurts more than my foot, but I'm calm and have faith that everything will be fine ... I promise you that I will work hard to return soon, stronger than ever, to wear the colors of Colombia and my club, Bayer Leverkusen," Arias added. Enditem。
3.In an interview with Xinhua, Alfred Manyozo, captain for Be Forward Wanderers, could not hide his joy at the new development. However, he was quick to say that there is a need for all athletes to follow the Football Association's guidelines.。
4.Adama said he had an excellent relationship with Ansu Fati, Spain's other player with African connections.。
5."I told them to fight until the end no matter when leading or trailing. All efforts have paid off now," she said. Enditem。
6.The Everton midfielder showed glimpses of quality, particularly in the first half, but faded before being replaced by Steven Alzate in the 74th minute at Estadio Metropolitano.。


1."We are not a strong side. After playing such an intense game, we can improve in mentality and carrying out tactics," Wuhan coach Li Xin commented. Enditem。
2."It was a tough match. We didn't play at our level in the first quarter, but changed our tactics in zone defense from the second quarter," said Shanxi coach Li Ge.。
3.Although Valencia have had a reasonably bright start to the campaign with two wins, two defeats and a draw to kick off the season, their 2-0 home defeat to Betis last Saturday highlighted the club's shortcomings.。
4.Now, the most important goal in her life is to continue to promote Tai Chi culture. "As a martial artist, it is my duty to promote Chinese martial arts and Chinese culture."。
5.Following his seventh win of the season, Hamilton extends his lead in the drivers' championship and now has 230 points. Despite his failure to score, Bottas remains second with 161 points, with Verstappen third on 147.。
6."I felt tired, but I had no complaint about it," she said.。


1、"I like beach volleyball more, and I can better control the ball. But it's still uneasy for us in a contest, because you will lose without effort," said Bai. "So I take skill trainings at least eight hours a day and stamina trainings three or four times a week."。
2、"We made full preparation for this match, and restrained their main attackers quite well," said Inner Mongolia coach Zheng Wei.。
3、Matthaeus has complained that the selections are no longer on merit as Loew is repeatedly ignoring long-serving figures such as Thomas Mueller, Mats Hummels, and Jerome Boateng.。
4、Feng won a bronze medal at Rio in 2016, which was already a significant breakthrough in the eyes of many people, but Feng said it was far from enough.。
5、Iga Swiatek of Poland kisses the trophy during the awarding ceremony after the women's singles final against Sofia Kenin of the United States at the French Open tennis tournament 2020 at Roland Garros in Paris, France, Oct. 10, 2020. (Xinhua/Gao Jing)。


Jia's team went through an unexpected quarantine amid the COVID-19 concerns during the Olympic qualifiers last February before entering the playoff.!


  • 现在 10-25

    Wang Qiuyi pocketed a game-high 20 points for Fujian, who also got help from Wei Chu-yun's 19 and Sun Mengzhu's 13.

  • 了一 10-24

    "It's good to get behind great causes and great charities," O'Sullivan told the World Snooker Tour website. "It's something I have never been involved with before, but I thought it was a great idea. If it helps create awareness for breast cancer that can only be a positive thing."

  • 备善 10-23

    Vasco dropped to 10th in the standings, having lost four of their past five fixtures.

  • 情就 10-22

    In order to make children interested in Tai Chi, she added more powerful movements to her regimen and told them: "Tai Chi contains the essence of Chinese Kung Fu, and our Chinese Kung Fu is very powerful".

  • 会欺 10-21

    Mick called it the most giant step in his career so far.

  • 程中 10-20

    His manager points out that he deserves to get promoted due to his qualities instead of his famous name.

  • 似乎 10-19

    Wuhan began to find its shooting range back from the locker room, turning inferior position into a 51-50 lead heading into the final quarter.

  • 舰完 10-18

    "I didn't drink sodas for four or five years. I know if something is good for me, I will do it, otherwise, I won't."

  • 音很 10-17

    Atletico Madrid forward Luis Suarez had given the hosts the lead from the penalty spot at Estadio Centenario after a Sebastian Vegas handball just before halftime.

  • 中饥 10-16

    TEHRAN, Oct. 9 (Xinhua) -- The Asian Football Confederation (AFC) on Friday dismissed the complaint by Saudi Arabia's Al Nassr soccer team against Iran's Persepolis after the semi-final match of the AFC Champions League.

  • 力的 10-15

    To attract more teenage followers, Wang began to play freestyle football. She practices for three hours a day, and it takes another three hours to record and edit short videos every day.

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